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Minutes of the Parish meeting held on Monday 7th March 2016 at 7.00pm

Present:- J. Aldred (JA), M. Wilson(MW), B. Brook (BB), D. Miller (DM), B.Brook, N. Page (NP)

1. Apologies – Cllr J Woodman, PC Andy Harle

2. Declaration of Interest – None

3. Minutes of 12th January 2016 – Previously circulated, accepted and signed.

4. Issues from Minutes:-

Tennis Court – JA visited Cllr Woodmans home to look at the tennis courts, JA intends to get costs for new nets and posts for information so that if anyone does wish them they are available.

Bike Stands – BB reported that the new log bike stand in now in situ, thank you to all involved. JA reported that is looked very good and fits in well, just need to fit something on the log so that people can secure their bikes. BB to progress with this.

War Memorial – DJS reported that Kevin Doonan Associates had been chosen to carry out the professional advice report which we had received a grant for from the War Memorial Trust.

Pant Lights – The lights are looking better since the recent work undertaken.

5. Financial Statement – previously circulated, agreed as a true record.

6. Northumberland LED Lighting Project

DJS reported on an email from Iain Robson of Northumberland County Council, all street lighting is being modernised across Northumberland in a £25 million investment programme. Nearly 17,000 lampposts will be replaced and all street lights will be fitted with new LED lights. Further details can be found on the NCC website.

The programme began in Ashington in March 2015 and is now rolling out across the South East area of the County. There is an opportunity for the council to influence how the programme is implemented in the parish. For instance we may wish to request that lighting columns are painted a colour of our choice or request more decorative lanterns in areas of special interest, or be able to add seasonal lighting. A charge may be applied in some instances therefore we may need to allow for this when managing your budgets and setting your precepts.

In addition, the new LED lights will be fitted with technology that enables them to be dimmed or even turned off at certain times. Some communities are already considering how they can use this option to contribute towards energy saving or the Dark Skies Reserve – DJS to request further information from Iain on the different types of lighting.

7. Matters Arising

  • Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations 21/04/2016 – Agreed that to commemorate the Queens 90th Birthday a tree would be planted within the village. JA to contact Castle Estates and Cheviot Trees.
  • DJS reported that an interview for the Village Warden had taken place, we are awaiting references, DJS and Harry Lumsden to meet with the new warden on Wednesday to look at responsibilities within the village. BB asked if the guttering above the new bike stand could be looked at, need the permission of the land owner first.
  • Neighbourhood Plan – MW updated the group on the continuing progress of the Neighbourhood Plan. There has been lots of meetings to write the policies. A lot of work is still to be undertaken before submitting to the Inspector.
  • Traffic Calming – JA reported on an email received from Margaret Robinson of Northumberland County Council which states –‘We are proposing to hold a public exhibition in Bamburgh to show proposals on the speed reduction measures and also get feedback on wider proposals for parking /streetscape. The funding has been available to take the speed reduction measures forward this financial year but we have extended the brief to include all approaches to the village rather than just The Wynd’. JA to continue dialogue with Margaret Robinson.

8. Any Other Business

  • Agreed to fund half of the costs of the bulbs for the garden guild.

9. Date of Next Meeting – 9 th May 2016 at 7.00pm This will be the Annual General meeting

10. List of meetings for 2016 these may be changed;-

  • 4th July
  • 5th September
  • 7th November
Community Orchard within the Village – Judy Cowen to progressJC
Olympic Torch – ongoing JA
Parking Ingram Road and St Cuthberts Garth – This will be included in the
Bamburgh Plan awaiting information from Ben Hamilton Baillie and
Margaret Robinson
Tennis Courts – JA to get costings for new nets and posts in case anyone
requires it.
Work to be undertaken to reinstate the Path from Budle to Bamburgh, also
included on the local transport priorities
War Memorial – Kevin Doonan appointed for carry out Professional
Advice Report.


Download the minutes of this meeting:

Minutes: 07/03/2016