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Minutes of the Parish meeting held on Monday 7th September at 7.00pm

Present:- J. Aldred (JA), M. Wilson(MW), B. Brook (BB), D. Miller (DM), N. Page,(NP) P Clark (PC)

1. Apologies –B. Brook, Cllr Woodman

2. Declaration of Interest – None

3. Minutes of 21st July 2015 – Previously circulated, accepted and signed.

4. Matters Arising:-

Tennis Court – JA commented that we had not heard from Andrea regarding the residents and business survey which we had sent to her. JA/BB to hold meeting with Andrea.

Bike Stands – JA updated on discussions with Michael Orde and Iain Robson, their preferred place for bike stands would be the Grove rather than the verges which would spoil the iconic view of the castle. However it was felt that they would not be used if they were placed in the Grove, further discussions to take place.

War Memorial – NP to contact Allana Hughes Conservation Officer regarding emails from Chris Baglee to ask her advice and report back. JA to collect paperwork from Chris Baglee.

Speed Signs – A Bardgett commented that he had had second thoughts on the speed awareness training, this would only be a very short term measure. Residents Sandra/Barbara also reiterated that we must do something to stop speeding up Links Road before there is an accident. JA to contact Highways and Richard McKenzie. A Bardgett to organise a petition which the Parish Council would support.

Risk Register – Risk Register was agreed and signed off.

Neighbourhood Plan Update – MW updated,. All of the policies have now been written, awaiting a grant to have them professionally developed before being printed.

5. Financial Statement – previously circulated, agreed as a true record, DJS also reported that the audit was now complete.

6. The Local Transport Plan – agreed the three priorities as below:-

  • i) Local Safety Schemes - Speeding on Links Road, Radcliffe Road and a 30 mph restriction for Glororoum on B1341
  • ii) Develop and implement the Bamburgh Management Plan
  • iii) Reinstate footway and improve foot cycleway Bamburgh to Budle

7. Coastal Community Update

JA updated awaiting for information on a grant application.

8. Any Other Business

  • Email from Richard McKenzie regarding resiting of bus stop – Jude to meet with Richard McKenzie to discuss
  • Email from Louise Hayward regarding public toilets in Bamburgh, it is proposed to shut the toilets by the church throughout the winter months, and to also shut altogether the toilets on the Links. Discussion took place around this with residents very upset to learn of this. NP made the point that without the church toilets there would be no disabled access toilets. Councillors to meet with Louise Hayward on 24th September to discuss and to express their grave concern regarding this prosposal. Resident Andrew Bardgett is going to write to local MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan to express their concerns. There was also a suggestion to write to the press to express concerns.

9. Date of Next Meeting – 23rd November 2015 at 7.00pm

Community Orchard within the Village – Judy Cowen to progressJC
Olympic Torch – pursue purchase and find out costsJA
Parking Ingram Road and St Cuthberts Garth – JA to organise meeting with Margaret Robinson to discuss issuesJA
Tennis Courts – consultation to be undertaken with the village to understand if there is a need., JA and BB to meet with resident who is willing to helpJA/BB/DJS
Work to be undertaken to reinstate the Path from Budle to Bamburgh, also included on the local transport prioritiesJA
Councillors to meet with Louise Hayward to discuss suggestion to shut toilets within the village.ALL
JA to meet with Richard McKenzie regarding the resiting of the bus stop and also to discuss speed on Links Road.JA


Download the minutes of this meeting:

Minutes: 07/09/2015