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Minutes of the Parish meeting held on Monday 23rd November 2015 at 7.00pm

Present:- J. Aldred (JA), M. Wilson(MW), B. Brook (BB), D. Miller (DM), B.Brook, Cllr Woodman

1. Apologies – N. Page,(NP) P Clark (PC)

2. Declaration of Interest – None

3. Settlement Boundaries – Jenny Ludman – this agenda item was cancelled and may be rescheduled. Cllr Woodman gave an update on whether or not a settlement boundary would be useful for Bamburgh. There is no right or wrong answer, between the three villages, Beadnell have not opted to have one whilst Seahouses are still considering. One of the main benefits is that by having a boundary you know what is countryside and what is village. The key thing with Bamburgh is that you do not want development on the coastline. DJS to circulate email next week to gauge the Councillors thoughts on how to proceed.

4. Minutes of 21st July 2015 – Previously circulated, accepted and signed.

5. Matters Arising:-

Tennis Court – BB reported that we were still waiting for response from Andrea, Judy Cowen reported that an article by Andrea would be appearing in the Church newsletter soon.

Bike Stands – BB showed the group a photograph of a tree trunk used as a bike stand. All agreed this was a good idea, BB/JA to progress with this to find out costings etc and report back.

War Memorial – DJS reported that she had had a discussion with Allana Hughes regarding the consultants reports, the professional advice grant form has been completed and duly returned, we await the outcome of the funding before engaging with one of the consultants.

Speed Signs – JA reported that she had attended a meeting held with Margaret Robinson, NCC, Michael Orde Castle Estates, Barbara Brook and Margie Wilson. Margaret Robinson reported that the speeding issues on Links Road would be addressed before the end of March. JA asked if Cllr Woodman would be able to get a copy of the latest Hamilton Baillie Report.

Public Toilets - JA reported that after much support from Cllr Woodman and the residents of the village, the public toilets will remain open. Thank you to all involved.

Neighbourhood Plan Update – Cllr Woodman updated we have received a grant to employ a professional consultant to help finalise the document, this would be Jenny Ludman from Ludman Planning. She will meet with the four policy groups to work together to ensure there were no gaps in the document.

6. Financial Statement – previously circulated, agreed as a true record, BB asked if for future meetings any expenditure over £50.00 could be recorded and reported.

7. Any Other Business

JA reported that Harry Lumsden has now retired, the Parish Council would like to register their sincere thanks to Harry for his continuous support over the past few years.

JA asked for help with the completion of the Draft Core Strategy document

BB reported on the Pant Lights, agreed that we finance further bright lighting but that we do not pay any money until we are all satisfied with the outcome.

Judy Cowen gave in two completed petitions, one for the proposed closure of the public toilets and one for traffic calming measures in Bamburgh. These will be kept on file

8. Date of Next Meeting – 12th January at 7.00pm

Community Orchard within the Village – Judy Cowen to progress
Olympic Torch – ongoing
Parking Ingram Road and St Cuthberts Garth – This will be included in the Bamburgh Plan awaiting information from Ben Hamilton Baillie
Tennis Courts – consultation to be undertaken with the village to understand if there is a need., JA and BB to meet with resident who is willing to help
Work to be undertaken to reinstate the Path from Budle to Bamburgh, also included on the local transport prioritiesJA
Bike Stands – BB/JA to progressJA/BB
War Memorial – DJS to follow up grant funding and report backDJS


Download the minutes of this meeting:

Minutes: 23/11/2015