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Street Lighting Modernisation Project Update

Contract Progress

As you will be aware, the street lighting modernisation project is converting approx 47,000 street lights to

LED across the county and also replacing approx 16,000 lighting columns. The project is being carried out

by Galliford Try and is now in its third year with approximately 68% of works complete on the ground.

The remaining works include both the installation of new lanterns and columns in new project areas and the

contractor returning to resolve any outstanding works which could not be completed during the initial lantern

or column replacement activity. This involves work in nearly all communities across the County. We had

been working with the contractor so that they would produce a full programme for these remaining works so

that information could be provided to local communities about the expected programme for completion of

the project in their area.

Recent Developments

Unfortunately we have recently been informed of significant issues within Galliford Try’s sub-contract supply

chain, with their main sub-contractor for electrical and civil engineering works, having gone into

administration and ceased work on the contract. This means that nearly all work on the project has been

halted whilst Galliford Try procure new suppliers.

Next steps

The County Council is continuing to attend to any faults and safety issues on the street lighting network

through its own normal operations. These should continue to be reported through the normal website and

contact centre reporting mechanisms.

With regard to the street lighting modernisation project, Galliford Try are still continuing some works through

a separate sub-contractor in areas of Ashington, Bedlington and Blyth on column installation and in Berwick

on areas where excavations had been commenced but works not completed. All other lantern and column

replacement work has been halted whilst Galliford Try re-procure new sub-contractor arrangements for the

remainder of the works. Galliford Try are currently procuring these new arrangements with a view to having

them in place by mid October and being able to re-commence works in mid to late November. Once new

arrangements are in place Galliford Try will be required to provide a works programme which will allow

information to be provided to Councillors and local communities about the timescale for completion of the

remainder of the project in their area.

Clearly we are disappointed that these issues have arisen on the project and we are doing all we can to

work with Galliford Try to successfully complete the project at the earliest possible time. We expect to be

able to provide a further update in November and will provide further information on Galliford Try’s

proposed programme to complete all the works as soon as it is available. In the meantime, if you have any

queries please see the appropriate contact details below:-

For day to day street lighting issues/outages - please contact

0nline -

Or by phone 0345 600 6400

For specific issues in relation to this update - please contact:- David Laux at

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