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Minutes of the Parish meeting held Tuesday 12th January 2016 at 7.00pm

Present:- J. Aldred (JA), M. Wilson(MW), B. Brook (BB), D. Miller (DM), B.Brook, N. Page (NP)

1. Apologies – Cllr J Woodman

2. Declaration of Interest – None

3. JA reported on the very sad sudden death of Councillor Peter Clark on 22nd December, Peter played an important role in the Parish Council and he will be greatly missed. All of the Parish Council thoughts are with Peters family and friends.

4. Minutes of 23rd November 2015 – Previously circulated, accepted and signed.

5. Matters Arising:-

Tennis Court – Judy Cowen to send DS a copy of the article which was published in the Parish Newsletter.

Bike Stands – BB reported an order has been placed for a bike stand awaiting delivery.

War Memorial – DJS updated that Allanah Hughes had rang to report that we had received a professional advice grant and that we would receive an offer in early January.

Pant Lights – the work has been done but will have to wait until the Christmas lights have been switched off to gauge if this has been successful or not - BB

6. Financial Statement – previously circulated, agreed as a true record, DS asked if the new format of reporting was better – agreed it was

7. Settlement Boundaries – JA reported that a decision needs to be made on whether or not we have a settlement boundary for Bamburgh. NP stated that he could see the merits of both however the benefit of a boundary would stop developers looking to develop in areas of the village which we want to keep as green spaces. JA to meet with Castle Estates to gauge their opinion and report back to the rest of the group. A decision does need to be made as soon as possible.

8. Green Spaces – JA reported that we as a group also need to identify green spaces that are important to the village as well as any community assets for example the Pavilion. JA/MW to identify areas.

9. Any Other Business

  • Judy Cowen – Links road appears to be sinking – JA stated that this is Northumbria Waters responsibility.
  • Bill Brook –The bushes need to be trimmed along by the Old School House – JA to approach the owners
  • BB – we need a new village warden, DS to do an advert and job description which will be placed in the notice board and website.
  • Bill Brook – There will be a cricket AGM on Friday to change the constitution, in the event of dissolution of the cricket club all of the assets would pass to the Parish Council, was this acceptable – accepted and seconded.

10. Date of Next Meeting – 7 th March 2016 at 7.00pm

11. List of meetings for 2016 these may be changed;-

  • 9th May
  • 4th July
  • 5th September
  • 7th November
Community Orchard within the Village – Judy Cowen to progressJC
Olympic Torch – ongoing JA
Parking Ingram Road and St Cuthberts Garth – This will be included in the Bamburgh Plan awaiting information from Ben Hamilton BaillieJA
Tennis Courts – an article was placed in the Parish Newsletter asking for support to keep the tennis court, awaiting any comments from thisJA/BB/DJS
Work to be undertaken to reinstate the Path from Budle to Bamburgh, also included on the local transport prioritiesJA
Bike Stands – BB this is on order now awaiting deliverJA/BB
War Memorial – DJS awaiting grant confirmation and selection of consultant.DJS


Download the minutes of this meeting:

Minutes: 12/01/2016