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Bamburgh WI

Regular meeetings

We meet at 2pm on the second Wednesday in the month in Bamburgh Pavilion.

A number of Bamburgh W I members celebrating the 95th birthday of their institute and the installation of their 5th Bamburgh village seat.

In 1953 the institute presented a seat to the village to commemorate the Queen’s Coronation, sixty years later the seat has been replaced to commemorate our Queen’s Jubilee.

The original seat was made from the teak timbers off a ship the S.S. Atlantic by a firm of ship breakers, Hughes and Bolckow of Blyth.

This ship was possibly a vessel that sank in 1873 under the flag of the White Star Line, the same line as the Titanic. The W I has retained a plaque made from the seat structure and holding a registration plate of the brokers and a copper plaque celebration the Coronation as it is felt to be of historic interest.

For More Information you can Contact the Bamburgh WI Secretary on Tel: 01668 214429‬

Our President, Janet Wilkinson, opened our September meeting and welcomed everyone back after our August break.

Some of the Federation events we heard about were a Christmas Craft Day, a Christmas Celebration at Newcastle Cathedral and a Christmas Pudding Beetle Drive. We had also received an invitation from Rothbury WI’s Afternoon Tea with Fashion and Fizz.

Our Lunch Club this month will be at Carnabys and our winter quiz nights will commence on 30th September in the Castle Inn at 7.30.

There was favourable comments regarding our Sandcastle Competition which we held in August. Although there had been one or two hiccups we have learnt from these and we will have a slightly different format next year. Everyone had enjoyed the Bamburgh Festival and there was thanks to those who had worked hard to make it a success.

Our new seat which we purchased during our Centenary year, will have a service of dedication at 10.30 on 4th October.

After waiting patiently through our business agenda, our speaker for the evening, Joan Ward, was welcomed by Janet Wilkinson. Joan had lived for 8 years in Jordan and her talk was on her experiences. She explained how it had come about to go to Jordan, and she gave an excellent talk of her time there. It was great to hear of her many anecdotes, some happy and some sad. One or two members had heard her talk before but were amazed to hear of different adventures. There was plenty of questions from members after the talk and she was thanked by Jill McConnell-Wood.

Our next meeting will be on 9th October at 2 pm when Stuart Walton will give a talk entitled ‘Vive la Difference’. A warm welcome is extended to visitors and guests.


11TH July at 6.30. “The Armstrongs” Carol Griffiths. Please note change of date for one month only

7th August Sandcastle/Sculpture Competition

11th September at 6.30 “Living with Arabs” Joan Ward

9th October at 2pm “Vive La Difference” Stuart Walton

13th November at 2pm “Our Lives” Paul and Linda Coleman

11th December A Christmas Delight

8th January “Games Afternoon” Members Meeting

12th February at 2pm RNLI Ian Clayton

11th March at 2pm “Future Sea Levels” Chloe Waldron

9th April at 2pm “Bygone Fashions” Bailiffgate Musuem

13th May Annual Meeting

If you are new to the area please come along to any of our meetings and you will be warmly welcomed. We are also delighted to see visitors at any of our meetings. We meet at 2pm in Bamburgh Pavilion.           

Bamburgh Sand Castle/Sand Sculpture Competition 2017

The Bamburgh sand castle/sand sculpture competition 2017 was well subscribed and everyone had a great time taking part, the weather also stayed dry!!

sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition
sandcastle / sculpture competition

Bamburgh WI 2011 - Sand Sculpture Challenge

It was standing room only when members from many Northumberland institutes gathered to hear who had won the Sand sculpture trophy for this year’s challenge ‘THE HUMAN FORM’. Once again Hedgeley came out top pipping other institutes to the post by a very small margin as the judge, Derek Mallinson, said there were many sculptures he could have chosen in a less competitive field.

Once again Bamburgh was lucky with the weather and all the competitors enjoyed the cut and thrust of the competition with sand flying as huge mounds were dug and shaped into some incredible human forms. Institutes experiencing their first sand sculpture challenge thoroughly enjoyed the event and declared they were very much looking forward to entering again.

See videos of the event below.

Noreen Birnie, Betty Ashworth, Anthea Jackson and Joanna English working on their "Human Form" winning sculpture for Hedgeley WI

Beatrice Ede, Mary Leycock, and dual presidents Janet Gray and Josie Smeaton from Doddington WI

Eglingham WI with their sunbathing beauty, obviously on a naturist beach!

Marian Chivers, Di Bell, Diana Mills and Audrey Wiggins from Longhorsley WI. Was it praying to the sun God!

The Hedgeley winners once again, finishing off their amazing sculpture.

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