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Police are reminding residents not to fall victim to bogus callers.

It follows an incident reported to police on Saturday, February 10, when police were informed a man had called an address in Vivian Square on a number of occasions and conned the occupant out of money.

Officers are carrying out enquiries into the incident and want to urge people to be on their guard.

Bogus callers tend to target elderly and vulnerable people and police want to urge anyone with an elderly or vulnerable relative, friend or neighbour to make sure they are aware not all callers are who they purport to be.

Residents should be on their guard to anyone who calls at the door unannounced, genuine callers will not mind waiting while their identification is checked or coming back another day to give the occupant the opportunity to check out their verification and arrange for someone else to be with them when they come back.

No-one should feel pressured into handing over any money before any work has been carried out.

More crime prevention information is available on the Northumbria Police website

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