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Northumberland County Council will be relocating the bus shelter, please see attached plan for agreed location of the bus stop. A bus stop flag will be installed firstly before the shelter is moved to its new location. The new flag will be introduced at some point in the next couple of weeks with the shelter moving at a later date. Once the shelter transfer has been scheduled in Northumberland County Council will inform us.

The lining team  will commence the works on 21 or 22 January and may last for three days. As part of the works the existing 100mm double yellow lines will be covered and replaced with 50mm primrose double yellow lines which will make all double yellow lines in Bamburgh 50mm primrose lines. However, due to these works needing additional materials, these works have to be done after the the new lining has been introduced. As soon as it has been scheduled in and a date has been confirmed Northumberland County Council will inform us. 

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