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'Calling all residents! Do you think speeding is an issue in our villages? Do you want to help do something about it? Then set up a Community Speedwatch!

Following concerns from residents I've been in contact with Northumbria Police about setting up a Community Speedwatch. Volunteers would be supported by the police and fitted out with radar guns and high vis. People caught speeding once would be sent a letter by the police, multiple offenders would get a police visit. It also give's information to the police and council about speeding hotspots.

A Speedwatch already exists in Beadnell, but we need people in Belford, Bamburgh, Seahouses and Warenford/Lucker.

If interested please message me with your full name, addresses and dates of birth which will be passed onto the police to get the ball rolling.'

Many thanks,


Councillor Guy Renner-Thompson

Bamburgh Division  

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