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Peregrini Anglo-Saxon education loan boxes

Anglo-Saxon education loan boxes

Year 4 pupils from St. Paul’s RC Primary School, Alnwick , were delighted to be the first students to get hands-on experience of the Anglo-Saxon period through the new Peregrini Lindisfarne educational loan boxes.

The HLF funded Peregrini Lindisfarne project currently has two educational loan boxes available to teachers and education providers. The boxes cover the Anglo-Saxon period and are themed as a domestic collection and an ecclesiastical collection. The boxes contain exquisitely crafted replica artefacts all based on real Anglo-Saxon items. The beautifully made collection has been created for the Peregrini Lindisfarne project by Andy Bates of Phenix Studios in Hexham. The boxes contain a variety of objects from a stunning book and bag, leather ink pot, vellum, jewellery and games sets together teacher notes to help the class get the most out of the collection. More boxes covering the Prehistoric and Medieval periods will be added soon.

Ros Duncan, Heritage Education Officer for the Peregrini Lindisfarne project said “The loan boxes are a wonderful opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ experience of our heritage. Being able to handle objects makes history so tangible for children and really fires their imaginations and interest in heritage. We are thrilled to be able to offer these Anglo-Saxon loan boxes to local schools and we are equally happy to come to schools or provide bespoke learning experiences in the Holy Island area.”

The Peregrini Lindisfarne project is a HLF Landscape Partnership Project developed to conserve, enhance and celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of the Holy Island and the wider shoreside landscape. The project employs two heritage education officers to help schools, education providers and the general public to learn more about the fabulous heritage of the area. To get in touch with Ros or Sarah to see how they help enhance your heritage learning experience on – or telephone 07824605427 or 01668 213086 or telephone 07824 461230 or 01668 213086

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