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Dear Villagers,

Please see summary of speed survey. Thank you to Andrew Bardgett for reviewing the full report and condensing it into a digestible version.

Road Speed Surveys in Bamburgh

Speed surveys have recently been carried out within the Bamburgh 30mph speed limit zone. Between 23rd & 30th August speeds were measured in both directions. The locations where speeds were measured and the speeds recorded were as follows :-

1) Radcliffe Road near The Glebe :-

Leaving Bamburgh 37mph, entering Bamburgh 35.1mph

2) Church Street near the toilets

Towards Castle 27.8mph, away from Castle 29.6mph

3) Links Road in the dip between the main car park and the start of the houses leading along to Armstrong Cottages

Towards Seahouses 39.6mph, towards Castle 35.4mph

4) Links Road just North of the entrance to Armstrong Cottages

Towards Seahouses 39.3mph, towards Castle 36.9mph

The speeds measured are analysed statistically and the figures generated are the 85th percentile. What this means is that 85% of the traffic is below this speed or, to put it another way, 15% of the traffic is above this speed.

Apart from Church Street the other 3 locations exceed the criteria (speed limit + 10% + 2mph = 35mph for 30mph limit) required by the Northumbria Safety Roads Initiative (NSRI) for consideration of additional enforcement measures and the data has been forwarded to them. We are awaiting a response from NCC Highways department and expect to meet with them and a representative of the AONB to try and achieve some effective measures to reduce speeding.


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